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Moving is such sweet sorrow

19 Nov

Hey, friends!

This is (probably) my last post here at Crawdads in my Sink. I’m moving over to The Heather Brown Project. I hope you will check it out and leave me some comments so I know you were there.

That site is a hot mess (did I ever tell y’all about the time that my sister and roommate and I went to karaoke and the dj told us we should call ourselves Hot Mess?) right now but I’m working on it as I have time. I expect it to be fully operational by fall of 2016.

Actually, right now I’m really regretting my decision to leave the nice comfyness of CIMS and make my own website. It is harder than I thought. And my patience is not good. And really why should I go through all this stress for a hobby? I don’t know what I was thinking. But, as is often the case, I thought it so I did it and now I’m sticking to it.

Hopefully the next time you hear from me I won’t be questioning every decision I’ve ever made.

Love you.


Going places

13 Nov

I have just been ATTENDING things lately, y’all. I am going out in public, with real pants on (jeans) and getting wisdom. Okay, I only went to two things. But they were good. And I thought you might want to hear about them.

1. Lorraine Pintus came to a local church to put on a women’s conference. It was titled Intimacy Issues. It was about sex. Yes, I went to a sex conference, basically. Without getting too explicit, the basic gist was to help us understand what the Bible teaches about intimacy. I have notes. I will share them with you through email if you want. Heather (at) okgov (dot)us. Anyhoo, if you feel like you have a desire to learn more or if you have struggles surrounding sex, I advise you check her out. I wouldn’t say I gained anything revolutionary like some of the sobbing women around me BUT, now I do know how to understand the Biblical version of sex better so it was a day well worth it if for nothing else than brain growth. She has all kinds of books and resources so ya might wanna check her out.

2. I went and heard Bob Goff speak yesterday morning at a different church. He was so inspiring and I left there feeling super cheerful. I haven’t read his book yet but my new friend, Kathy Taylor, said I can borrow hers. So, I’ll tell ya all about it after I read it. I was trying to look up his talks online last night to show Spencer and this was the best (ie: longest) one I could find. I think everyone should hear him speak at least once, even if it’s only on the internet. He’s so refreshing. This was an event put on by Stand in the Gap Ministries, which is an organization that we are getting more involved with. Spencer and I have a meeting with Kathy next week about Life Launch so I plan to write a post dedicated to them after our meeting.

3. About a month ago, during the 31-day writing challenge, I started planning to do something different with this blog. For one thing, I think I will be moving to a self-hosted site, simply for the fact that I don’t like any of the free designs and want to be able to customize it to reflect my taste better. For another thing, I hate how the name of my blog and my other online usernames (MrsHDBrown, for one) don’t have anything to do with one another. Then, we got the Influence Network schedule for the month of November and guess what one of the choices was. BUILDING A COHESIVE BRAND. Well. Isn’t that just handy? Not that I’m exactly trying to “build a brand” as if I’m growing an empire or trying to sell you something but I am trying to be a part of some online communities and I think it would be nice if people could keep up with who the heck I am. Anyway, that class is this evening so I figured once that is over, I will try to get things switched fairly soon. I still have not picked a name for my online life so if anyone has suggestions, I’m all ears. I want something simple and more lasting, like my name, but my name is so common that I’m having some difficulty. And when I add things to my name it makes it too long for a Twitter or Instagram handle. #firstworldproblems

And that, my darlings, is all I feel like saying today. Goodbye.

Call me Lizzy, please

6 Nov

So. I just finished reading Pride and Prejudice last night. Is it just me or does everyone see themselves as Elizabeth? So relatable (even though I’m a 29-year-old wife and mother living in the United States in the year 2013 with exactly zero servants). Yes, I’m 29 years old and that is the first time I’ve read it. In fact, the first time I read any Jane Austen was within the last year when I read Sense and Sensibility (which I found the end of wholly unsatisfying). I know most people probably read these in high school but I think I was too busy gluing sequins to my jeans and reading Rush Limbaugh’s The Way Things Ought to Be. I really was.

Now I know most of you moms to toddlers are wondering when I have time to read. The answer would be that I don’t, I just put off other things and read instead of sleeping sometimes. But, seriously, that book did take me months to finish and it would’ve taken me about four days before little Mr. Jack came along.

Don’t anybody hold me to this, but I’m considering starting to think about debating an e-reader. I need to know what you have and if you would recommend it. And if I can get one on craigslist that’s held together with duct tape because you know that’s all I buy.

Okay. I just needed to ask y’all that. I better go clean something before Spencer gets home and discovers I’ve been feeding Jack corn dogs and watching Teen Mom 3 all day.

P.S. Someone please vote in my poll


1 Nov

Hola! I decided to link up with the Tiny Twig and post my goals for the month (for a little peer pressure accountability). The idea is to post ATTAINABLE (like, I’m probably not going to lose 25lbs this month or learn to water ski) goals publicly at the beginning of the month and then post your progress at the end.

How I envision this going:

I post all my goals. A couple people read them. I stress about but don’t complete the goals. The end of the month rolls around and I must confess that I was a slacker/got distracted by Facebook and Bravo. I live in shame the rest of my days.

But, ya know, I’m a risk-taker so what the hey (hay? Idk). Speaking of distractions, though, the Duggars are on TV in the other room and I can hear them having a Stress Fest trying to take family pictures (can you just imagine the aggravation?) and I’m thinking to myself “why?” You have a reality show. I mean, I think you have a record of what y’all looked like. I think I would wait to take a family picture until they were all grown. Unless I was dead by then which is likely.

Anyway, without further adieu, I present


  • Publish my first blog post for World Help
  • Attend Bob Goff’s FREE talk at Crossings Community Church on Nov 12 (at 7:30 am! eek!)
  • Go through my closet and get rid of all the things I don’t need
  • Develop a self-hosted blog and get all my online stuff under one identity
  • Clean out my email on my computer. It’s bad, guys. Real bad.
  • Start Jack’s baby scrapbook OR order a photo book online. Yes, he’s 15 months old.

    My work space I got set up this month. Much better than the kitchen table.

    My work space I got set up this month. Much better than the kitchen table. See that spot on the carpet where Jack spilled a can of yellow paint? Cool!

Holding it in

30 Oct

I have been struggling lately. When something is on my mind or I don’t know what to do, I long to talk about it with someone. But sometimes it’s best not to say anything (because it involves other people and you don’t know if you should be talking about them or not). And that’s when I would normally write about it in some vague blog and hope that would relieve the pressure to share without putting anybody on the spot. But sometimes it’s best not to.

And I know that what I’m supposed to do is pray about it. But sometimes that’s not very satisfying because I want to know what to do NOW. I get anxiety about uncertainty. I have trouble just being and waiting. I need to take some action!

Today, as I thought about the things I long to say, I vacillated between emotions and approaches and perspectives. I am so afraid of letting myself hold these things in and continue to be hurt by them but I am so afraid of hurting someone else by talking about them because we all know I can really let fly with the wrong words and the wrong tone when I get going. So as I prayed today I kept remembering to “wait on the Lord.” (Ps 27:14) Just wait, Heather.

The world is not going to fall apart if I don’t fix everything today. I think I will just wait on Him to do something or to show me what to do because “God is not the author of confusion” (1 Cor 14:33). If I am confused, then I have not heard from Him. Right?

Thanks for letting me talk this out in a vague blog post. I had no idea what was in my head until I read it.

ALSO: This is important and I came back to a finished yet unpublished post just to add it. I have written here and elsewhere about the daily devotional I’ve been doing, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I wrote that I was skeptical of it before I began because from what little I had seen, the entries seemed to be her putting words in God’s mouth. You can read my post about that here.

But, today I saw this link. The question we are discussing starts right around minute 6. I have a lot of trust in what Hank has to say because of his vast, amazing knowledge of the Bible. He may possibly have the entire thing memorized. It seems Hank’s concern with Jesus Calling is 1. that people use devotionals as a replacement for the Bible 2. that people will read Sarah’s words and believe they are God’s and 3. that Sarah makes things up sometimes. I totally agree on #1 and I want to explain my point of view on #2. As I read the devotionals, in my mind, it is like I am reading Sarah’s prayer journal and she is just sharing what she felt lead to write down, NOT that these are God’s words. As far as #3, I have no idea about that but I would hate to think that I need to research the personal history of every author whose works I read. But maybe I do?

Anyway, I wanted everyone to have the chance to hear Hank’s thoughts lest I recommend something crazy to everybody. I take his concerns very seriously.

Almost there

28 Oct

I’m so depressed! Yesterday, the 27th day of the month, I forgot to blog. I’m such a failure! So close! Oh, well. Onward and upward.

Jack is suffering from a little cough, so that means we are all suffering from a lack of sleep. HOWEVER, I shall never again complain of a lack of sleep unless I have another baby. Then I’ll probably complain a lot. I guess I’ll take him to the doctor if it’s not better by tomorrow just to make sure it’s not bronchitis or something that needs antibiotics. I sure hate to go to the doctors office with a kid who just has a cold and risk picking up something worse…

Today is Spencer’s first day back to work after a week-long vacation and we are sad he’s not hanging with us! But we went to see my sis and her two turkeys (yes, we share germs). We ventured out to my great uncles house where we got to see some puppies and a baby donkey named Taco Bell, so that’s cool. I didn’t take any pics. That’s how I am.

I’m sorry this post has nothing to do with getting it together but you get what you pay for, people. But at least I didn’t forget?!

Love you like Rice Krispies treats (which I ate a few of today).

I ain’t got nothin

20 Oct

I’m worn OUT. We stayed up waaaay past our old people bedtimes at a friend’s birthday bonfire last night. It was a lot of fun and great to see old friends but we are feeling it tonight! Spencer’s on vacation from work this week so we are looking forward
to some good family time. And winterizing the pool. And shampooing the carpet. Yeehaw! I have no clue what’s on the agenda for getting it together this week but I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.

Holla atcha gurl.

Getting my whole entire online life together

19 Oct

I am just a hot mess out there on the internet, people. I’ve got different usernames for every site I’ve ever joined (don’t even get me started on passwords). I’m like 13 different people in the online universe. Going from a single college student to a married working lady ┬áto a stay at home mom changes things and your internet activity sure can get disorganized along the way.

I need to do a little thinking and decide on a way to make my blog, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts more cohesive. ALSO. I was scrolling through my Twitter feed the other day and I was following approximately 45,987 Oklahoma education groups. That’s lobbyist life, it’s not SAHM with a toddler life. So, I need to go through and clean up a lot of that kind of thing. Basically, I need to gain some focus because I miss out on a lot of the information that’s valuable to me now because I’m following so much that was valuable to me then.

I know to some people time spent on the internet is a waste. And it certainly can be. It can also seem lazy or loserish or whatever. But it can also be really helpful and motivating and inspiring. And real. As long as it’s not overwhelming with crap that is useless to you. So, no time like the present to get it together online!


You never know what might happen

18 Oct

Happy weekend, everybody! I had a great day today. My sister and her two nuggets of ornery came over and then my mom came over and then my old friend from school came over and we watched our babies play together. I like when people come over.

Then, I went to my aunt’s 46th birthday party where we celebrated not only her birthday but also her losing 103lbs all through diet and exercise and prayer over the last couple years. Such an inspiration. I love birthday parties and weight loss celebrations and chocolate cake with chocolate icing and nuts and caramel.

Now I’m real tired. And I’m not for sure what I can say about getting it together today but I’m doing my gosh dang post, okay?!

So I scrolled through my Pinterest to see what might inspire me and I thought this would be good in honor of my aunt who, at 46, is looking and feeling better than she ever has. And that’s good because 17 has got to be hard to beat.


It’s a vlog!

8 Oct

Hey, everybody! I did a vlog! It’s my first one ever so you might want to mark this moment on your calendar. Er, probably not. Anyway, it’s about fifteen minutes long and the first half is about Toddler Time with Jack and the second half is about me wanting to be a writer. WordPress wanted $60 for a video upgrade for me to be able to upload and embed videos and I was all, “Uh-uh. No. I ain’t doing that.” So, it’s on YouTube and we are viewing it that way.

No one was at my door, btw. It was the neighbors getting a cellar installed.

Here are some things I learned from my first vlog.

1) I didn’t think I would have anything to say but rather than just plan it out like a sane person would do, I just went for it. Turns out, I could ramble to myself for quite a while. In case I ever need to.

2) The video quality is pretty poor. I used my webcam that came installed in the computer. Oh, well.

3) I did the video in my bedroom rather than the kitchen bar area where I usually keep my computer because Jack was napping and I didn’t want to wake him up. I put the computer on an overturned laundry basket on my bed. Which made it wiggle every time I wiggled which was kind of a lot because I talk with my hands apparently.


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