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Going places

13 Nov

I have just been ATTENDING things lately, y’all. I am going out in public, with real pants on (jeans) and getting wisdom. Okay, I only went to two things. But they were good. And I thought you might want to hear about them.

1. Lorraine Pintus came to a local church to put on a women’s conference. It was titled Intimacy Issues. It was about sex. Yes, I went to a sex conference, basically. Without getting too explicit, the basic gist was to help us understand what the Bible teaches about intimacy. I have notes. I will share them with you through email if you want. Heather (at) okgov (dot)us. Anyhoo, if you feel like you have a desire to learn more or if you have struggles surrounding sex, I advise you check her out. I wouldn’t say I gained anything revolutionary like some of the sobbing women around me BUT, now I do know how to understand the Biblical version of sex better so it was a day well worth it if for nothing else than brain growth. She has all kinds of books and resources so ya might wanna check her out.

2. I went and heard Bob Goff speak yesterday morning at a different church. He was so inspiring and I left there feeling super cheerful. I haven’t read his book yet but my new friend, Kathy Taylor, said I can borrow hers. So, I’ll tell ya all about it after I read it. I was trying to look up his talks online last night to show Spencer and this was the best (ie: longest) one I could find. I think everyone should hear him speak at least once, even if it’s only on the internet. He’s so refreshing. This was an event put on by Stand in the Gap Ministries, which is an organization that we are getting more involved with. Spencer and I have a meeting with Kathy next week about Life Launch so I plan to write a post dedicated to them after our meeting.

3. About a month ago, during the 31-day writing challenge, I started planning to do something different with this blog. For one thing, I think I will be moving to a self-hosted site, simply for the fact that I don’t like any of the free designs and want to be able to customize it to reflect my taste better. For another thing, I hate how the name of my blog and my other online usernames (MrsHDBrown, for one) don’t have anything to do with one another. Then, we got the Influence Network schedule for the month of November and guess what one of the choices was. BUILDING A COHESIVE BRAND. Well. Isn’t that just handy? Not that I’m exactly trying to “build a brand” as if I’m growing an empire or trying to sell you something but I am trying to be a part of some online communities and I think it would be nice if people could keep up with who the heck I am. Anyway, that class is this evening so I figured once that is over, I will try to get things switched fairly soon. I still have not picked a name for my online life so if anyone has suggestions, I’m all ears. I want something simple and more lasting, like my name, but my name is so common that I’m having some difficulty. And when I add things to my name it makes it too long for a Twitter or Instagram handle. #firstworldproblems

And that, my darlings, is all I feel like saying today. Goodbye.


Hope Spoken link-up

23 Oct

Hey, everybody! Today’s post is a link-up with the other attendees of the Hope Spoken conference so that we can get to know each other a little online before we meet in March.

The leading ladies (Casey, Danielle and Emily) have provided some guidelines for our link-up posts and one of the things they asked for was a picture. Luckily I already had my mom’s good DSLR here because I was trying to take some fall pictures of Jack. But he is too crazy for photo shoots. So, I got Spencer to take a pic for me so that I could post a high quality and extremely recent one. It was pretty awkward but we did it.



As for an introduction, it all began on a beautiful day in April, 1984…Just kidding. I have no idea what the weather was like the day I was born. Anyway, I’m 29 years old and a homemaking mama to a fifteen-month-old crazy lunatic boy and wife to a tall, smart, compassionate man. I’ve lived in Oklahoma all my life except for that one summer when I did an internship in D.C. for a US Senator. That’s how I know the big city isn’t my speed. I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Agricultural communications (yes, we talk to cows) and a minor in political science and then I got to work as a lobbyist here in Oklahoma for a couple years before Jack was born. I’m pretty much a redneck and I try to embrace that without crossing over to white trash. I am passionate and adamant about the fact that God loves every person created in his image including the pre-born and therefore we should love them too. I don’t think loving people means agreeing with them so that they don’t get mad at you. Originality moves me. So does ice cream.

Now I’m supposed to say something I’m feeling timid or nervous about for the weekend of Hope Spoken. I have a few. The main thing I’m feeling nervous about is that I may not get to go! I already bought a ticket and everything but my husband may have a work trip come up at the same time in Florida and he invited me to go with him. So, I’m really hoping they don’t fall on the same weekend. I’m also a little worried about the money. I feel kind of nervous about spending money for the ticket and a hotel room when our savings account is overdrawn (it literally is).

Something I’m hoping to take away from the conference is inspiration. And new friendships. And maybe some swag. But mainly inspiration.

Now something fun/random about myself…hmmm…but I’m so normal…this is like when you have to say a special talent and you can’t think of one…

Edited to add: I forgot to add something fun/random about myself before I published! I hate being scared and so I stay far away from creepy movies and roller coasters. I’ve tried so many times to see the fun in it but it’s not for me! I’m a party pooper!

Getting my blog together

17 Oct

This blog has always just been a place for me to throw out to the world the thoughts that are in my head. It’s basically been like a journal or a place to write really long Facebook statuses. When there’s something I want to remember, I throw it on the blog. When I need to talk out an issue and there’s no one to talk to, I throw it on the blog. So, it’s been for my own self-serving purposes. I figured I could write what I felt like writing whenever I wanted to and if some of my friends or family were bored, they could read it if they wanted.

But now, I’m starting to feel like WHO CARES?! I mean, before I never really thought about it like that. I figured if someone didn’t care what I had to say then they just wouldn’t read my blog. I’m practical like that. Through this 31-day writing challenge, though, I’m realizing that I don’t need to have a public online journal. If there are things I want to remember, then maybe I should just keep those posts private.

Sometimes my posts are to explain in great detail my reasons for my opinions or actions. I am terribly afraid of being misunderstood (which I pretty much always feel like I am but I figure so does the rest of the world) and I have lately come to realize that no matter how much I explain, if someone is listening with filters over their ears (and everyone is) then they are likely to hear something different than what I’m saying. I’m learning that I have to be willing to be misunderstood if I’m going to say or do anything.

I’m not sure where this is all going yet but I think I will have it straightened out by the end of the month. Right now, I’m just planning to create a blog which only has posts that meet a certain criteria. Here is the criteria (you tell me if you think of others I should include):

It must serve a purpose for those who read it. Within that category will be the subcategories of:

  • Being entertaining. Something I think others will find humorous and that might help somebody have a chuckle.
  • Being helpful. Meeting a known need by providing information including but not limited to links to resources.

*Disclaimer: I reserve the right to change my mind 47 times in five minutes about anything I ever say.

Love your face.



Hello, week. Nice ta see ya…

13 Oct

It’s Sunday night and I’m getting ready for a new week. I’m working on a few things that I’m excited to tell you about this week but for now while I’m working, here’s a little inspiration to get ready for Monday.





God can even use 31-day writing challenges

12 Oct

I know this sounds so crazy but God is using this 31-day writing challenge in my life. I don’t always post about how because I am still trying to process things for myself but it’s getting weird, y’all. Because of participating in this challenge, I started following some other blogs which led me to other blogs which led me to seeing things on Instagram and websites that I would have never seen otherwise. But what is happening over and over again is that I’m having these thoughts pop into my head and then literally that day I will see something that specifically affirms what I was thinking maybe I should be doing. That sounds a little confusing but here’s an example.

Yesterday morning Spencer and I woke up before Jack and these are some of the exact words I said to him: “I’ve been thinking lately that I could get up earlier and do a few things before Jack wakes up since he sleeps so late now (7:30-8am) but he’s such a light sleeper in the mornings I would probably wake him up.” Which led me to thinking that I could start doing my Bible and prayer time before Jack gets up rather than during his nap time and then I could do something else during naps. Then, later that day, I saw this interview with Kat Lee  where she was talking about her e-book, Maximize your Mornings. Which I haven’t read yet (but I did order it) (because it was free) but I’m pretty sure is the result of her feeling like God was telling her to get up and spend time with Him before her kids were up.

So. Seems like I should probably look into that.

Oh, boy!

11 Oct

This boy is all boy. He is dirty and noisy and he likes anything with wheels. He is also crazy determined and independent. And not that cuddly. This boy is always moving and he never wants to snuggle or let me rock him. He’s got things to do! So, a lot of the times, I’m grabbing him as he goes by and squeezing him to me and trying to kiss him while he’s kicking his legs and shoving my face away. It’s a little insulting sometimes. I’m like a desperate girl with a crush on a boy who still thinks girls have cooties. Or like Elmyra (remember her?) with her pets. I just want to love him and hug him and squeeze him forever.

015So, when it was getting close to nap time and I sat him down on the couch to watch some cartoons and chill out for a minute, it just turned me to mush when he put his hand on my shoulder and held on. I felt like a giddy school girl the moment her crush takes her hand in his the first time. He likes me! He actually likes me!

When I feel weary and worn out, these little moments bring me such joy and inspiration. His sweet little hand can motivate and remind me why I want to get anything together in the first place.

You get it together

10 Oct

Today, I did not get it together. Today, I dropped it all and it rolled like marbles all over the place and under all the furniture. There has been a lot on my mind and I am having terrible allergies and Jack was whiny (and kind of mean) and I was just too tired today. The day wasn’t a total loss, though. I did get the guest room which was a mess of  craft supplies, trash, shipping materials and Jack’s toys cleaned up. So, that’s good enough today.

I also made some beer bread and I’m not sure which column to put that in because it’s so delicious that I eat too much. We’ll call that a wash. If you want to be conflicted like me, just check out my FAVORITE, tastiest, easiest recipe here. You will love hate me forever.

Simmer down, now

9 Oct

Howdy, howdy, howdy! Heather, here. Again. And again. And again. Honestly this 31 days thing is making me a little sick of myself. I mean, I’m fully aware that there is probably not one single person in this whole wide universe who wants to read my thoughts 31 days in a row. I would be tickled if someone wanted to read them two days in a row. But, we made a commitment, people! At least I did. And I’m going to stick to it! But, really. Just know that I am not actually so vain to think that masses of people are going to be entertained or enlightened by this series.

But, guess what…I might be! I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted this “Getting it Together” month to be about when I started. But, through it, I am learning a thing or two. I’m really starting to gain some focus on things that I can do besides feed and clean the toddler.

I have a few ideas in my head, but I tend to be a starter so I’m going to let it simmer. By starter I mean that I get excited about starting projects and then not so much on the follow-through. I think it’s okay to get excited about starting projects but I’m going to make an intentional effort to filter and pick the valuable ones that are actually a good fit for my life.

Since I’ve always had a blog ever since I found out what a blog was, like, back in the days of MySpace, I think, I can feel pretty sure that I can stick to blogging. So, I’m going to do a little thinking and experimenting but I’m going to spend time each week focusing on the blog. And, I’m going to start thinking about my posts before I post them. Often, I’m not even sure what I wrote until after I hit “publish” and read over it. That’s going to change. I’m going to start paying attention to what I’m doing online.

ALSO, I’m going to Hope Spoken. I’m really excited about this because after hearing all the hype about Influence this year, I really wanted to plan on going next year. But, a year is just too far out for us to plan for right now.  But, then, I heard about Hope Spoken which is in March and it’s in Dallas rather than Indiana. So, it’s a winner. We really (really) can’t afford it but have I mentioned I have the most compassionate and understanding husband ever? He told me to buy a ticket before they sold out so I did. And I’m REALLY excited about it. Really. Really, really. It’s a conference designed for Christian women and if there are any of you thinking about coming, I would so love it if you do. So much.

Speaking of Influence, though, I joined their network and I’m thinking that was a good idea because they offer classes on a wide variety of topics. I had downloaded my first one awhile back and watched it last night and I found it very informative and helpful. This is the kind of thing I’ve been looking for to help me at least feel like (if not actually be) an enterprising individual.

So, today’s “Getting it Together” theme is focus. I’m all over the place right now but I’m not going to just reel it all in and get overwhelmed all at once. I’m going to try to make wise decisions that will help me grow and glorify God and I’m going to do that over the rest of this writing challenge.

Then. Oh, then. Then, I’m gonna start some stuff.




31 days of getting it together

30 Sep


Please scroll down to read Day 1. I’ll be adding a link here for each day when it goes live.

Day 2: Getting it together by prioritizing

Day 3: Getting it together and workin it out

Day 4: Instagramtastic

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Day 6: Get them chores together!

Day 7: Baby I’m bout to have me some fun

Day 8: Weak

Day 9: My first Vlog!

Day 10: Simmer down, now

Day 11: You get it together

Day 12: Oh, boy!

Day 13: God can even use 31-day writing challenges

Day 14: Hello, Week! Nice ta see ya…

Day 15: Mission: Have a Mission

Day 16: Want to care for the least of these but can’t adopt?

Day 17: Getting my blog together

Day 18: You never know what might happen

Day 19: Getting my whole entire online life together

Day 20: I ain’t got nothin

Day 21: Scheduling Chores

Day 22: Here are some things

Day 23: Hope Spoken link up

Day 24: Beware deadly acorns

Day 25: Let me dork out for a minute

Day 26: Cool stuff you need to know about

Day 27: Almost there

Day 28: I love my mommy

Day 29: Holding it in

Day 30: The end

Welp, I have undertaken yet another personal challenge (feel free to roll your eyes if you need to)! I’m linking up with The Nester for her 31 days writing challenge. I’ve followed her blog for years and when I saw that Ann Voskamp participated last year, I figured it might be worthwhile. I have never linked up with another blog because this blog has been for the sole purpose of me just blurting out whatever was on my mind and not adding another stress commitment to my life. But, I think writing on one topic for 31 days might be a great way to really push myself to be creative and to think differently. So, here we go!

Every day for 31 days I’ll be posting on my personal endeavor to get it together. I don’t want this to be just about me, but about glorifying God in the way I live my life.  Since Jack was born I’ve basically been floating through life without any real purpose besides keeping the house livable, my people fed and the baby alive. I have struggled to be productive and find my way. I have started radical diets, intense work out plans, rigid cleaning schedules, photo-a-day challenges, meal-planning and budgeting strategies, crafting and I even opened up an online store. These have all been attempts to break up the monotony of my days and work towards a goal, I think, but none of them have lasted. I lose interest. When Jack was younger and not sleeping, I gave myself an out on almost everything because I thought (and still do) that sleep deprivation was a good reason to not attempt anything other than staying alive.

HOWEVER, Jack is easier now and I’ve started some habits that have actually been sticking. One of those is doing a daily prayer and Bible study time during the morning nap. Because of this consistent quiet time with God I have begun to see a lot of things in a different way, including this blog and what I should be focusing on. How I should be spending my time. And how I can get it together the way He wants me to.

I’d love to encourage any of  my friends who may have been feeling the same way (lost, floaty, directionless, etc) to think about getting it together in your own ways during this 31 days and let’s do it together!

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