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The end.

31 Oct

Well, we have arrived! Today is the 31st and the last day of the Nester’s 31-day writing challenge. I only missed one day though I must admit there were more than a few filler posts. To end out the Getting it Together series, I wanted to share the mission statement I created during this time.

To continually trust and praise God that I may be a faithful servant.

To stand behind Spencer, loving him and being his helper that he may feel admired and appreciated.

To protect, teach and encourage my children (Jack and any future children) to become people who know God and love others.

To keep a pleasant and welcoming home.

To be a dependable and supportive friend to all.

To publish only writing which (I believe) is helpful and points others to the Lord.

While this is not perfect, I went ahead and printed it out and hung it up so that I can read it on a daily basis. I think it will help me to feel much more focused and purposeful to keep my mission in mind. I really encourage everyone to write a mission statement! If you are interested, I used Kat Lee’s free e-book, Mission Statements for Moms, to write mine but I bet there are tons of  worksheets and examples on line.

I certainly don’t feel like I have it together all of a sudden but I do have some tools now, because of this mission to get it together, that will be so helpful in letting me be a stay at home mom who lives life with purpose and inspiration. As I said in my first post, I kind of fell into a rut of just going through my days stale and without creativity but now I’m learning how to be a better me in this role.

Today I had a meeting with Kathy Taylor of Life Launch and I plan to have a post about that program soon. Please go ahead and click that link to get information about Life Launch so you’ll know what I’m talking about in my post.

Stay tuned!


I love my mommy

29 Oct

Today was my mama’s 67th birthday (just kidding she’s way younger than that) and she spent it going to my doctor’s appointment so she could watch Jack while my personal space was being invaded.

Sidenote: Why would a doctor’s office where people have to take off their clothes have windows and if they did, why would the blinds on those windows be left open? Just asking on behalf of some people who may’ve been flashed while walking around Edmond today.

Then, she bought me lunch. And know what I gave her for her birthday? Some coffee mugs from my house because she demanded that her broke kids not spend any money for her birthday.

What a great gal. We sure do love her.


A good mama is worth millions of bucks. Everybody be nice to your mom. Even if she’s not quite as great as mine, I bet she has done a lot for ya. Don’t forget it.

Cool stuff YOU need to know about

26 Oct

Hiiiiiiiiiiii! I’m here to make all your dreams come true!

Okay, I’m really just here to tell you about some stuff I recently discovered that you probably already know about.

First of all, I colored my hair at home yesterday because I’m poor and it came out the best of any home coloring I’ve ever done. Therefore, I can recommend John Frieda Brilliant Brunette 5N with full confidence. That is, if you’re too poor for the salon because clearly a professional is better. If you are 29 years old or older I definitely advise adding the extra 10 minutes processing time for the you-know-whats.

Next of all, I am also very big on the Bloglovin’ app these days. I have never used a blog reader but awhile back I downloaded Bloglovin’ and it’s quite handy. I haven’t been too good of a blog reader because, you know, it’s annoying to search for and read things on your phone. But, with a blog reader, you can search for and add all your favorite blogs and then the unread posts are just there and handy for you whenever so you can catch up on your five favorite blogs in just a few minutes. Much more organized and tidy. Also recommend.

Also, podcasts. Where have I been? I mean, really. I have finally stepped into the world of podcast listening. Well, I haven’t actually listened to one but I did download the podcast app so I’m well on my way, people. Well on my way. I am taking suggestions for podcasts to subscribe to if anyone has some they love. I downloaded the app because I want to listen to some of Kat Lee’s Inspired to Action interviews.  And I need y’all to tell me when you listen to these things, anyway.

Okay, dears. I think that’s all I have today. Happy muzzle-loader season.



Let me dork out for a minute

25 Oct

I have recently become obsessed with Ashton Shepherd. I’m talking super-fan status, friends. Like, I might buy a poster soon.

If you don’t know who Ashton Shepherd is then, 1. I feel bad for you and 2. Prepare to love her.

I bought her first album when it came out several years ago and there’s one song on it that all country music listeners should recognize. “Sounds so Good” is a great song but almost all the other ones on the CD were just as good (there’s always one or two filler songs…) (But if anyone gives a hoot, “Whiskey Won the Battle” moves me). When I listened to that CD, not only did I hear a strong voice but I heard a REDneck in there, y’all. Not like a nerd in a rolled up straw hat and leather bracelets telling people how country they are but just a down-home girl being country. And, oh, in a poppy world of badonk-a-donk and songs about tractors from a guy who’s not a farmer, it was so, so refreshing. Not because I idolize people from the country or anything- city people can be just as lovely- but because I just really like people who know who they are.

Anyway, this post isn’t supposed to be a review of her music; forgive me for getting carried away. I started following her on FB awhile back because it was one of those “pages you may like” that FB suggests for you. I have to say, that was a good choice on my part. She posts pictures of her full dishwasher all excited because it got fixed. And she didn’t stinkin hashtag “keepinitreal” or something else irritating. She’s not crafting an image or trying to make anyone think anything. Girl is just doing her thang and sharing it with the internet.

That’s what I try to do. People are always reading into everything and coming up with ulterior motives and thinking that other people are showing off or being fake or that there’s some deep meaning of why so-and-so didn’t “like” your pic and I’m over here just all WHO CARES?! Everybody just be yourself. Have some confidence. Be like Ashton. (See what I did there? Be yourself, be like Ashton? haha)

Moving on (try to stay on track, here, people! Sheesh!). So, I was starting to become a real, real fan when I saw her posting links to her cooking show, “Cookin Country.” I click. I watch. I love. Now, if you go watch be prepared because she has the thickest southern accent maybe ever. She’s filming in her new kitchen for the first time and she’s happy because it has more room than the single-wide they just moved out of. I’m obsessed with her. I wish she was my neighbor.

She’s also got a new album out and if anyone can advise me on how to listen to music these days, I might buy it. Because my brother broke the CD player in my car and honestly, I don’t know about all this new-fangled technology.

I hope you check her out and like her as much as I do. And I hope you might make some of her delicious recipes and bring them to my house.

Beware deadly acorns

24 Oct

Well, everyone, fall has arrived full force in central Oklahoma along the I-40 corridor (most likely in the rest of Oklahoma, too). This morning the wind was ripping acorns from the blackjacks and spitting them across the yard like a shotgun. I got pelted and when I reacted in a completely appropriate way by screaming and covering my head, Jack copied me and now the neighbors probably think he has PTSD or something because he won’t quit it.

Anyway, once I had recovered, I got back to calmly drinking my coffee with Spencer while we leaned against the shed. Jack was playing in the yard and turned around to smile and wave once , then resumed his activities. So sweet. He thought of us in the middle of his concentration and effort to find the perfect rock. He wanted to stop what he was doing just to connect with us for a moment.

And I remembered that while I was doing my morning quiet time (I did it late today). I wonder if it delights God’s heart for us to take a moment out of our busy work and just say, “Hi, God” the way it does a mama’s heart when her baby does it? “I just want to connect with you for a minute, God. I want to remember you.” Don’t you think he loves that? I do.050edit

Hope Spoken link-up

23 Oct

Hey, everybody! Today’s post is a link-up with the other attendees of the Hope Spoken conference so that we can get to know each other a little online before we meet in March.

The leading ladies (Casey, Danielle and Emily) have provided some guidelines for our link-up posts and one of the things they asked for was a picture. Luckily I already had my mom’s good DSLR here because I was trying to take some fall pictures of Jack. But he is too crazy for photo shoots. So, I got Spencer to take a pic for me so that I could post a high quality and extremely recent one. It was pretty awkward but we did it.



As for an introduction, it all began on a beautiful day in April, 1984…Just kidding. I have no idea what the weather was like the day I was born. Anyway, I’m 29 years old and a homemaking mama to a fifteen-month-old crazy lunatic boy and wife to a tall, smart, compassionate man. I’ve lived in Oklahoma all my life except for that one summer when I did an internship in D.C. for a US Senator. That’s how I know the big city isn’t my speed. I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Agricultural communications (yes, we talk to cows) and a minor in political science and then I got to work as a lobbyist here in Oklahoma for a couple years before Jack was born. I’m pretty much a redneck and I try to embrace that without crossing over to white trash. I am passionate and adamant about the fact that God loves every person created in his image including the pre-born and therefore we should love them too. I don’t think loving people means agreeing with them so that they don’t get mad at you. Originality moves me. So does ice cream.

Now I’m supposed to say something I’m feeling timid or nervous about for the weekend of Hope Spoken. I have a few. The main thing I’m feeling nervous about is that I may not get to go! I already bought a ticket and everything but my husband may have a work trip come up at the same time in Florida and he invited me to go with him. So, I’m really hoping they don’t fall on the same weekend. I’m also a little worried about the money. I feel kind of nervous about spending money for the ticket and a hotel room when our savings account is overdrawn (it literally is).

Something I’m hoping to take away from the conference is inspiration. And new friendships. And maybe some swag. But mainly inspiration.

Now something fun/random about myself…hmmm…but I’m so normal…this is like when you have to say a special talent and you can’t think of one…

Edited to add: I forgot to add something fun/random about myself before I published! I hate being scared and so I stay far away from creepy movies and roller coasters. I’ve tried so many times to see the fun in it but it’s not for me! I’m a party pooper!

Here are some things

22 Oct

Alrighty. Today get prepared for some random getting it togetherness. Here are some things.

1.) I have always, for my whole entire life, had the driest scalp in the county. Whichever county I was in at the time. It’s very bad during the winter. I’m sorry if this is a little too personal for some of you but how can I get my life together if I can’t get my own head under control? So, I need to know remedies. If anyone has any ideas besides using dandruff/scalp shampoo (duh), then I NEED you to share. And if you don’t, then that’s just mean.

2.) I am now an official blogger for World Help which means that at least once a month you can expect to see a post here informing you about a humanitarian crisis and what you can do to help.

3.) I have just come across an organization called Stand in the Gap Ministries which you might want to check out. I’m currently waiting on information about the Life Launch program, specifically, and will share my experience here soon.

Okay! Ponder on all that and get back to me. Thanks, pals.


Scheduling chores

21 Oct

Holy moly I almost forgot to post and here we are 2/3 of the way through the month!

What I wanted to post about today was my weekly schedule. I have a love/hate relationship with schedules. I know they make me sooo much more productive but it’s hard for me to stick to a schedule I make for myself. I mean, what am I gonna do, fire myself?

Anyway, I do have a weekly house keeping schedule that I try to loosely follow and it makes me way more efficient the weeks when I really stick to it. You can find all kinds of cleaning schedules on Pinterest but here’s mime as an example.

Monday- laundry and ironing day. I try to do a load every day but I’m not the best at getting it put away so Monday is the day I make sure it’s all in order. I picked the first day of the week so Spencer has something to wear the rest of the week. Ironing is hard because it MUST be done during nap time because of the hot iron and all but as long as I make sure I am home for one of the two naps then it gets done. This is also the day I’ll be going to MOPs on the second and fourth week of each month.

Tuesday- bathrooms and dusting. Also toddler time the first and third Tuesdays.

Wednesday- meal planning and errands

Thursday- floors

Friday- expenses. I do our expense reimbursement bookkeeping for Spencer’s work and I try to do that twice a month so that leaves every other Friday to do any other projects that I want to work on.

Like I said, sometimes I fall off the wagon and forget about my schedule but I’m always glad when I stick to it. One thing I had to learn when Jack was born was how to split up my work into smaller pieces. I like to do the whole thing at once but I soon realized I would never again have a four-hour block of time to devote to cleaning. Now these little chunks work much better.

I encourage you to write out a schedule for any chores or activities that you procrastinate or get behind on. Try it for a week or two and you will feel like you’ve got it together!

Getting my whole entire online life together

19 Oct

I am just a hot mess out there on the internet, people. I’ve got different usernames for every site I’ve ever joined (don’t even get me started on passwords). I’m like 13 different people in the online universe. Going from a single college student to a married working lady  to a stay at home mom changes things and your internet activity sure can get disorganized along the way.

I need to do a little thinking and decide on a way to make my blog, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts more cohesive. ALSO. I was scrolling through my Twitter feed the other day and I was following approximately 45,987 Oklahoma education groups. That’s lobbyist life, it’s not SAHM with a toddler life. So, I need to go through and clean up a lot of that kind of thing. Basically, I need to gain some focus because I miss out on a lot of the information that’s valuable to me now because I’m following so much that was valuable to me then.

I know to some people time spent on the internet is a waste. And it certainly can be. It can also seem lazy or loserish or whatever. But it can also be really helpful and motivating and inspiring. And real. As long as it’s not overwhelming with crap that is useless to you. So, no time like the present to get it together online!


Can’t adopt but want to help the least of these?

16 Oct

Good morning, Friends! I hope you are enjoying your day. I have some things I need to share with EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE.

Last night I listened to a talk given by Lindsy Wallace through the Influence Network. The class was on caring for orphans outside of adoption. So, it was basically about how to follow God’s command to care for orphans when you are in a place where you don’t feel like you can adopt. I’m sure anyone who knows me knows that I consider pre-born children who are unwanted by their parents to be orphans just like older children. Many of the verses Lindsy referenced on caring for orphans are ones that I use to understand why we must defend the pre-born (loving your neighbor, caring for orphans, caring for the least of these) and I feel like I can sense something being built, something about to come full-circle for me.

Lindsy’s talk was so helpful and I would encourage everyone to check it out because it will be available in the Influence Network shop at some point for only $10. But, in case you don’t check it out, I’ll share some things I learned from her.

First of all, I really agreed with her on basically everything she said. I think we would “get” each other. So many people have this either/or mentality about the sanctity of human life and, really, we need to have an all-encompassing, holistic approach. When you have the worldview that Jesus loves and cares for every single person, you realize it doesn’t matter if they are pre-born, older, American or African. We should be defending life AND caring for children in orphanages (group homes). We should be helping children at home AND abroad.

Lindsy also pointed out that orphans do not exist in a vacuum. Something happens in a child’s family that leads to them becoming an orphan. If we can begin to look at supporting families and specifically moms, (crisis pregnancy centers do this well for pre-born children) we can help to keep children from becoming orphans in the first place.

She opened my eyes to some issues I had no idea about. Did you know that there are ministries to help refugees all over the US? I had no idea that there was a need to help refugees- or even that there were refugees- in Oklahoma City! For information on that, check out The Spero Project or just Google “refugee ministry” in your local area.

Another thing I noted was that you can become a mentor to an older child in foster care who is getting close to aging out of the system. Often, when these kids turn 18, they are sent out on their own and they literally have no one in life. You could become a friend to them and give them somewhere to go on Thanksgiving! (Edited to add: Each state offers its own services and I suggest searching online or calling your own state’s offices. In Oklahoma, you can follow this link to go to the volunteer page of Oklahoma DHS.)

My favorite thing I learned from Lindsy was that there are actually programs where you can sponsor families just like you can sponsor individual kids. There are moms who want to parent their children but they don’t have the resources they need. We can help them. Have you heard about microfinancing? It’s a loan program to help vulnerable families get on their feet. While we are on the subject of moms who want to keep their kids, awhile back I learned about adoption ethics. I think it’s an important issue for everyone to think about. I’m not telling you what to think, I’m just saying everyone should be aware.

Lindsy suggested two books: “Orphan Justice” and “Orphanology.”

Orphan Sunday is the first Sunday of November. Go here for resources on that.

Fellow bloggers: Look into blogger programs with Worldhelp, Compassion or Lifesong  to help raise awareness in your circle of influence.

I know that a lot of times we aren’t even aware of the needs around us. And sometimes when we are, it just seems so overwhelming and we don’t know what we can do. I hope you will look into some of the links here.

Everyone can do something. And Christians are commanded to. 

The last thing I want to say on this topic is that we all need to be praying for orphans and their families. We need to be asking God to show us and help us to do our part. And the devil isn’t going to like it so we better cover it all in prayer.

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