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1 Nov

Hola! I decided to link up with the Tiny Twig and post my goals for the month (for a little peer pressure accountability). The idea is to post ATTAINABLE (like, I’m probably not going to lose 25lbs this month or learn to water ski) goals publicly at the beginning of the month and then post your progress at the end.

How I envision this going:

I post all my goals. A couple people read them. I stress about but don’t complete the goals. The end of the month rolls around and I must confess that I was a slacker/got distracted by Facebook and Bravo. I live in shame the rest of my days.

But, ya know, I’m a risk-taker so what the hey (hay? Idk). Speaking of distractions, though, the Duggars are on TV in the other room and I can hear them having a Stress Fest trying to take family pictures (can you just imagine the aggravation?) and I’m thinking to myself “why?” You have a reality show. I mean, I think you have a record of what y’all looked like. I think I would wait to take a family picture until they were all grown. Unless I was dead by then which is likely.

Anyway, without further adieu, I present


  • Publish my first blog post for World Help
  • Attend Bob Goff’s FREE talk at Crossings Community Church on Nov 12 (at 7:30 am! eek!)
  • Go through my closet and get rid of all the things I don’t need
  • Develop a self-hosted blog and get all my online stuff under one identity
  • Clean out my email on my computer. It’s bad, guys. Real bad.
  • Start Jack’s baby scrapbook OR order a photo book online. Yes, he’s 15 months old.

    My work space I got set up this month. Much better than the kitchen table.

    My work space I got set up this month. Much better than the kitchen table. See that spot on the carpet where Jack spilled a can of yellow paint? Cool!

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