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Going places

13 Nov

I have just been ATTENDING things lately, y’all. I am going out in public, with real pants on (jeans) and getting wisdom. Okay, I only went to two things. But they were good. And I thought you might want to hear about them.

1. Lorraine Pintus came to a local church to put on a women’s conference. It was titled Intimacy Issues. It was about sex. Yes, I went to a sex conference, basically. Without getting too explicit, the basic gist was to help us understand what the Bible teaches about intimacy. I have notes. I will share them with you through email if you want. Heather (at) okgov (dot)us. Anyhoo, if you feel like you have a desire to learn more or if you have struggles surrounding sex, I advise you check her out. I wouldn’t say I gained anything revolutionary like some of the sobbing women around me BUT, now I do know how to understand the Biblical version of sex better so it was a day well worth it if for nothing else than brain growth. She has all kinds of books and resources so ya might wanna check her out.

2. I went and heard Bob Goff speak yesterday morning at a different church. He was so inspiring and I left there feeling super cheerful. I haven’t read his book yet but my new friend, Kathy Taylor, said I can borrow hers. So, I’ll tell ya all about it after I read it. I was trying to look up his talks online last night to show Spencer and this was the best (ie: longest) one I could find. I think everyone should hear him speak at least once, even if it’s only on the internet. He’s so refreshing. This was an event put on by Stand in the Gap Ministries, which is an organization that we are getting more involved with. Spencer and I have a meeting with Kathy next week about Life Launch so I plan to write a post dedicated to them after our meeting.

3. About a month ago, during the 31-day writing challenge, I started planning to do something different with this blog. For one thing, I think I will be moving to a self-hosted site, simply for the fact that I don’t like any of the free designs and want to be able to customize it to reflect my taste better. For another thing, I hate how the name of my blog and my other online usernames (MrsHDBrown, for one) don’t have anything to do with one another. Then, we got the Influence Network schedule for the month of November and guess what one of the choices was. BUILDING A COHESIVE BRAND. Well. Isn’t that just handy? Not that I’m exactly trying to “build a brand” as if I’m growing an empire or trying to sell you something but I am trying to be a part of some online communities and I think it would be nice if people could keep up with who the heck I am. Anyway, that class is this evening so I figured once that is over, I will try to get things switched fairly soon. I still have not picked a name for my online life so if anyone has suggestions, I’m all ears. I want something simple and more lasting, like my name, but my name is so common that I’m having some difficulty. And when I add things to my name it makes it too long for a Twitter or Instagram handle. #firstworldproblems

And that, my darlings, is all I feel like saying today. Goodbye.

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