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Cool stuff YOU need to know about

26 Oct

Hiiiiiiiiiiii! I’m here to make all your dreams come true!

Okay, I’m really just here to tell you about some stuff I recently discovered that you probably already know about.

First of all, I colored my hair at home yesterday because I’m poor and it came out the best of any home coloring I’ve ever done. Therefore, I can recommend John Frieda Brilliant Brunette 5N with full confidence. That is, if you’re too poor for the salon because clearly a professional is better. If you are 29 years old or older I definitely advise adding the extra 10 minutes processing time for the you-know-whats.

Next of all, I am also very big on the Bloglovin’ app these days. I have never used a blog reader but awhile back I downloaded Bloglovin’ and it’s quite handy. I haven’t been too good of a blog reader because, you know, it’s annoying to search for and read things on your phone. But, with a blog reader, you can search for and add all your favorite blogs and then the unread posts are just there and handy for you whenever so you can catch up on your five favorite blogs in just a few minutes. Much more organized and tidy. Also recommend.

Also, podcasts. Where have I been? I mean, really. I have finally stepped into the world of podcast listening. Well, I haven’t actually listened to one but I did download the podcast app so I’m well on my way, people. Well on my way. I am taking suggestions for podcasts to subscribe to if anyone has some they love. I downloaded the app because I want to listen to some of Kat Lee’s Inspired to Action interviews.  And I need y’all to tell me when you listen to these things, anyway.

Okay, dears. I think that’s all I have today. Happy muzzle-loader season.



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