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Let me dork out for a minute

25 Oct

I have recently become obsessed with Ashton Shepherd. I’m talking super-fan status, friends. Like, I might buy a poster soon.

If you don’t know who Ashton Shepherd is then, 1. I feel bad for you and 2. Prepare to love her.

I bought her first album when it came out several years ago and there’s one song on it that all country music listeners should recognize. “Sounds so Good”┬áis a great song but almost all the other ones on the CD were just as good (there’s always one or two filler songs…) (But if anyone gives a hoot, “Whiskey Won the Battle” moves me). When I listened to that CD, not only did I hear a strong voice but I heard a REDneck in there, y’all. Not like a nerd in a rolled up straw hat and leather bracelets telling people how country they are but just a down-home girl being country. And, oh, in a poppy world of badonk-a-donk and songs about tractors from a guy who’s not a farmer, it was so, so refreshing. Not because I idolize people from the country or anything- city people can be just as lovely- but because I just really like people who know who they are.

Anyway, this post isn’t supposed to be a review of her music; forgive me for getting carried away. I started following her on FB awhile back because it was one of those “pages you may like” that FB suggests for you. I have to say, that was a good choice on my part. She posts pictures of her full dishwasher all excited because it got fixed. And she didn’t stinkin hashtag “keepinitreal” or something else irritating. She’s not crafting an image or trying to make anyone think anything. Girl is just doing her thang and sharing it with the internet.

That’s what I try to do. People are always reading into everything and coming up with ulterior motives and thinking that other people are showing off or being fake or that there’s some deep meaning of why so-and-so didn’t “like” your pic and I’m over here just all WHO CARES?! Everybody just be yourself. Have some confidence. Be like Ashton. (See what I did there? Be yourself, be like Ashton? haha)

Moving on (try to stay on track, here, people! Sheesh!). So, I was starting to become a real, real fan when I saw her posting links to her cooking show, “Cookin Country.” I click. I watch. I love. Now, if you go watch be prepared because she has the thickest southern accent maybe ever. She’s filming in her new kitchen for the first time and she’s happy because it has more room than the single-wide they just moved out of. I’m obsessed with her. I wish she was my neighbor.

She’s also got a new album out and if anyone can advise me on how to listen to music these days, I might buy it. Because my brother broke the CD player in my car and honestly, I don’t know about all this new-fangled technology.

I hope you check her out and like her as much as I do. And I hope you might make some of her delicious recipes and bring them to my house.

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